Thursday, 15 August 2013

We are so proud!

Room 1 is so proud of Bhanu and Samiya for competing in the senior school speech competition - They rock! We would also like to say a huge congratulations to Samiya Patel for winning! She will be representing Sunnyhills at the Inter school speech competition...WOW. We are so proud of both of them!
Room 1!


  1. Well done Samiya! You were awesome.I can't believe that you actually won and you are just a year 5. You bet 9 year 6's in the speech finals and Bhanu which was a year 5. Congratulations Samiya.

  2. Well done Samiya! Your speech was amazing! No doubt you won! You to Bhanu. You both did a amazing job in getting through to the speech finals! It was mind blowing.

    1. i agree Brayden. It was mind blowing wasn't it?