Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Describe the setting

We are learning how to describe the setting of different places. We had to describe a place using our five senses but could not say where we actually were! Can you guess where these people are? Room one
I could hear the annoying seagulls squawking randomly. I could see the water shimmering like sparkling diamonds. I could smell fantastic cooked sea crabs. I could feel the salty sea water spraying frantically on me. I could taste the delicious deep fried crabs.
Where am I?
By Gordon Mei
I could smell the fresh bushy grass as I ambled across it. I could hear the adorable foals neighing playing at each other. I could see the ponies’ coats dazzling in the sunshine. I could feel the ponies’ warm breath on my neck as they came to me. I could taste the carrot from the ponies’ mouth.
Where am I?
By Georgia Milner
I saw the ball speeding pass me I sniffed the crisp air flow into my nose. The crowd was calling my name. I took down a man right next to the try line I could taste the sparkling rain crash in to my mouth from the sky.
Where am I?

By Thom Stranaghan


  1. They are all really cool. I cant believe this was there first time trying this type of writing. They are naturals!

  2. I wonder where you guys are.