Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Escape From Afghanistan Letter By Caitlyn

Escape From Afghanistan Letter The mini BFGs had to read ‘Escape from Afghanistan’ and then write a diary entry as though they were refugees on a boat heading towards Australia. We had to consider the things that we read and then apply our understandings. Dear Margaret, We are on the boat right now (leaving from Indonesia) and it absolutely stinks! My back feels like breaking because I’m stuck between two fat people. Sorry I haven’t written lately, I’ve been sick because a man kept coughing on my food. I can’t wait ‘till we get to Christmas Island, so I can see you! If only I was on a faster boat so I could see you quicker! We don’t have lifejackets, so I’m so scared that we are going to sink. Every time I wake up SITTING UP I always think we are gradually sinking, sinking, until my feet touch the water! Well, it’s not long to go, only three more weeks. You’re probably thinking “Yeah, right, that’s super long!” but it’s worth it when you are escaping from Afghanistan! See you soon! Caitlyn

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