Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Escape From Afghanistan Diary entry by Emma Brown

Escape From Afghanistan Diary entry We read a story called ‘Escape from Afghanistan’. It was about a family that escaped from Afghanistan during the war. I got the inspiration from this story. It is based on a character I invented. Tues, 4 June Dear Diary, The bus is so crowded and small I can barely move! We are going to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. From there we will take another bus to Peshawar, in Pakistan; a plane to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia; and then another plane to Indonesia. What a journey! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wed, 5 June Dear Diary, I am on board a boat heading to Christmas Island. The boat trip is meant to take 36 hours. The boat is crowded. We are all sea-sick and the toilet is just a hole in a piece of wood and everyone can see you using it because there are no walls! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thurs, 6 June Dear Diary, I’m sure we are travelling in circles. (I just know something is wrong.) I haven’t been able to sleep because the boat is so crowded. We have to sit up and the water keeps splashing my back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fri, 7 June Dear Diary, I have just discovered that the captain can’t find Christmas Island. He calls himself a captain!? I could just scream!!! Young children are crying and men are swearing and arguing. Will this nightmare ever end? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat, 8 June Dear Diary, The engine just stopped. I think the petrol has run out. Wait, it has just started again. Wow! Oh no, it’s just stopped again. Here comes a ship. The captain is signalling using a mirror. We are all waiting as it comes near…

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