Monday, 18 November 2013

BYOD Meeting Tuesday 26th of November

To parents,
We are holding a parent evening on 26th November in the school hall at 7p.m., aimed at the parents of Years 5 and 6 about BYOD in Senior School next year.
It’s your choice – your child could bring a device from home and/or continue to use the school devices. There are lots of questions about what this means to students, families, and learning at Sunnyhills School. At this parent evening we aim to address all questions and we will cover:
 Rationale behind ‘bring your own device’.
 How does it link to learning?
 What 21st Century Learning looks like?
 Bring your own device myths.
 Questions and Answer time
We have set up an online “post-it note” wall where you can ask any questions you may have, prior to the meeting. All questions are welcome. Use the link below to add a question.

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