Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why did seven keep coming up when we rolled two dices and added them?! WE FOUND OUT WHY!

 Friday 15th of March Room 1 looked at probabilities again. This time we tried to find out why the seven kept on popping up. We looked at all the possible answers we could get and then looked at the chances of getting each answer from 1 to 12. Seven had the highest chance of coming up as it showed a ratio of 6:36 and THEN we figured out this is because on a dice every number be can used to make 7! Here is some of our work.
P.S TRY THIS AT HOME - rolling two dices and adding them together 7 will be the most popular!
By Brayden and Jake


  1. WOW the 7 was always coming up!!!

  2. It was so strange but now I know why seven kept on coming up!