Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Welcome to 2013!

Welcome to room 1!

We are looking forward to an exciting 2013 with so much learning and teamwork to take place and we only have 200 days to do it! 
We will use this blog to share the amazing things that will happen in our classroom and what we have been learning.
Please look at our posts and make comments. Check our 'quality comments' tab on our blog to learn how to make a quality comment.  We love to hear what people have to say about our learning and are keen to have great learning conversations through quality comments as this is really encouraging. 

Thanks Room 1!


  1. Hi Room 1,
    I loved my thank-you card! It put a huge smile on my face. Piha was awesome but I'm gutted that I didn't get to see any mermaids!
    Mr Pita (Ella's Dad)

  2. Hi Mr Pita,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog. We were really guttered we didn't see any mermaids either :(. We are glad you enjoyed Piha - we learnt lots about life guards beach safety.
    Have a lovely week
    Room 1

  3. Hi Room 1
    Thank you all for my gorgeous thank you card. I loved the cover by Doris and all the precious comments by the rest of Room 1. I loved being at camp with you all, but did find the hall floor quite hard!! I really loved sleeping in my own bed on Friday night. Piha was heaps of fun and interesting to learn so much about water safety and rips. Georgia's dad and I have just read Room 1's blog and we are both very impressed with all the wonderful work you are doing with Miss Coffer. I can't wait to see you all again - hopefully on the next school trip :) :) :)
    Love Mrs Milner

    1. Hi Mrs Milner,
      Thank you so much for commenting on our blog.We all had lots of fun at camp and we all learn't heaps. We didn't know rips are the calm parts of the water! We hope we see you soon!
      Room 1:)